Sunday, January 17, 2010

Belly Laughs!

Well its official. i am now half way through my pregnancy! woo hoo! i feel for all of the brave moms who have done this before me. Although my husband doesnt believe me, its pretty tough work growing a baby.haha.. he thinks he did all of the hard work..psh. my belly is increasingly growing in size and it is now visible to tell that i am pregnant! another woo hoo!(finally out of the awkward stage) again, mothers before me are nodding their heads thinking that they know exactly how that is.. the stage where youve put on a few but no one knows that its a baby, the stage where you wear your largest shirts to hide your midsection. Now i just have to deal with the fact that my once cute inny bellybutton is trying to pop itself out there. like the baby is going to try to make his escape through it or something. haha. oh motherhood.. i cant wait to meet my little son!

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