Thursday, January 7, 2010


me and my wonderful husband just had an ultrasound appointment and
she put the goop on my belly and moved the magic wand around on it and got a good position and shes like well what do you think it is and i could see two balls and a weiner! i was like its a boy!!! and shes like yep!! you guys are having a boy! Braden was beaming with light because the whole pregnancy he has wanted a little boy! we have been calling the baby a he or a him for this whole time. before we left i said if we find out its a girl we are going to have to apologize to her for calling her a boy this whole time. hahah. but we are so excited to have him! i now feel out numbered! im going to have to grow eyes in the back of my head my son will be into everything if he gets anything from his dad or uncle Boone! i am sooooo excited! yay!

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  1. Congratulations Kiley! :) I wish you three the absolute best!