Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home sweet home

Me and Braden have been so blessed in this journey of returning home to Arizona of course it hasnt been without struggle finding people to move into our place now and having to deal with our land lord, but through it all i have been one happy camper. We have found a place to move into back home and i am sooo excited! its a gorgeous home and the people are renting it to us for a steal! only 500 a month for this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house! I am sad to say that we will only be staying in it for 3 months, but i will be happy to call this place home for the 3 short months i will be living in it

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Packing =)

Today i am packing up boxes! Braden went riding with his cousin for the last time today so i am home alone being a bum and packing boxes up! its exciting! i cant wait to be moved back to Arizona! at least for a while till we go to Pennsylvania. but AZ is the best place ever and i miss it and cant wait to be home!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

AZ here we come!

This is Kiley at almost 27 weeks pregnant! which marks the 7th month!! woo hoo! we are getting down to the wire to meet this little boy and are sooo excited!! some things have been changing for us.. we had thought about moving back home for the baby being born about a month ago but never really acted upon it untill recently we had an interview with our bishop and his coucil to us was to move home so we really took it to heart and thought about it and decided to get the heck out of here. so we have been showing our apartment to people to take it over and it has been going really good so far the listing has been posted for 2 days and we have already had 11 people come look at it. most of which were really interested people! so were hoping to be back in AZ by April first or asap! We spring cleaned the house a ton so that it would look good for people coming over and i got a couple of pictures of my wonderful husband at work =)