Tuesday, May 31, 2011

youv'e had a birthday shout HOORAY!

Rhiot turned 1 on May 26th! He seems like such a big boy now and i can hardly believe that he is 1 year old already! I could have sworn in the early months that i was doomed to NEVER get a good nights rest and now we love our sleep so much we hardly ever wake up before 9! We had a party for him at the park which was really fun even though it was pretty windy :( all of his cousins came and he made out with some pretty awesome toys! His aunt Rikki made him a carnival cake and it was amazing! We are looking forward to every day we get to spend with you as you grow up Rhiot we love you sooooo much! Love Mom and Dad!

Monday, May 16, 2011

1 years old

I cant believe my little boy is almost one! YUP.. 10 more days and i will have a one year old, i feel like he is already starting kindergarten! He is walking like crazy and is faster than ever! SUUPPPER hard to keep up with! he says grink(drink), BA(bath), mom, dad, nananana(no no no) while pointing his finger at you and is one of the smartest little toots i know! and the cutest :) ill take most of the credit for tnat one hehe. were going to have a birthday party for him and his amazing aunt Rikki is going to make him a cake if i can ever decide on a theme. I am so very blessed to have this boy in my life he certainly keeps me entertained and on my toes!