Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Stuff

Every once in a while i get on my blogger dashboard and read some peoples updates on what is going on in their lives these days, but i NEVER update mine, as you can tell. SOOOO here is a little blip of what has been going on in the Stephens home We welcomed baby boy #2 May 2nd at around 9:40 pm he weighed 6lb 1oz he was a tiny guy and looked just like his brother although now at 3 months he is looking very Braden-like whereas Rhiot has a few more of my looks.We named him R. King Stephens and call him King its a little different and i have received some criticism on it, but if Michael Jackson can name his son Blanket, then all be im naming my kid whatever i want too! He is a really good baby. sleeps 6-7 hours every night before waking up to eat. he sleeps in his own bed, which Rhiot would NEVER EVER do. When he gets mad he gets PISSED, otherwise he is normally really happy. I love him a lot and its so fun having another squishy baby with chunky cheeks to nibble on! Rhiot aka Big brother is 2 and almost 3 months. He has been potty trained since a few months before he turned two he just did it himself and it was super easy. He finally started sleeping in his own bed in his own room. im thrilled! i finally get to cuddle my hubby after 2 full years of not. haha. Rhiot is talking up a storm and is even counting to 10.. somtimes he even tries for 15!. he is a joy to watch grow :) I got a new car! a gold 2012 Toyota Corolla which i love! and love my hubby for buying me :) i had another baby which unfortunately left me pretty chubby which is very resistant to coming off. Its definantly harder to lose the poundage after #2 im learning. But oh well my boys are worth the loose skin, stretch marks, and extra pounds, i mean we cant all be like Heidi Klum. After some serious rough patches i am pleased to say that me and Braden are doing really good and love eachother more than ever. its definantly true to say what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger and i am glad to have gone through the bad to get to the better. i better post some pictures now, because whats a fancy new blog update without some pictures to prove?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

do i even know how to blog on this thing anymore?

I havent been on my blog in a really long time! its almost crazy to think it has been 6 whole months since i even posted a hello on here! (shame shame) Rhiot is now 19 months old and is starting to say full sentences! he is so dang smart! He is also now expecting a little brother! YUP i am 23 weeks pregnant with another little boy! between this new one, Rhiot, Braden and our MALE dog i am severly out numbered! Its a little scary to think of sometimes haha! im sure i will preservere! this pregnancy has been nothing like with Rhiot i was a lot sicker and have gained a lot less weight. i was a freakin chub with Rhiot! i am excited and very nervous to have two to take care of! i know it will be a big blessing and just as big a responsibility. We also just moved.... 100 yards down the road haha. anyway i will have to do some more catching up another time because its late.