Saturday, November 27, 2010

Learning from experience

Sooo. This thanksgiving turned out to be a doozy! Thanksgiving eve me and my mom, whom i was supposed to have thanksgiving with, got in a huge fight. Something we have not done since i was in about the 11th grade. We normally get along like best friends, well, other than my husband she IS my best friend. She text me saying, "you probably need a break from me we wont come over tomorrom for thanksgiving." I was heartbroken. I was mad at her and didnt want to see her, but it was thanksgiving and wanted to have a great time with my family. Needless to say i finally bit the bullet and called her, said i was sorry and that i loved her. The conversation didnt turn out as i had expected, but it was a step forward. I text her telling her to come over anyways. I started cooking when low and behold i ran out of propane!! yes, i ran out of the one thing i need to cook my thanksgiving feast and keep my big ol house warm. Luckily me and my mom had mostly reconsiled and i loaded all of my uncooked food into my buick (shes a brute) and headed to cook my thanksgiving dinner at my moms house. We were supposed to eat at 1 and is was like 12:45 when i STARTED cooking. I was stressed trying to get things done. I needed to do stuff at my house and i needed to do stuff at my moms house. How the heck was i supposed to be in two places at once? beats me. and my "other half" and not being so helpful as him and one of his younger brothers was consumed in what i would rather like to call "the devil", but is more commonly known as call of duty. SOOOO i finished cooking a ham, sweet potatoes, green bean cassarole, and rolls at my moms house, loaded it all BACK into the buick and headed back to my house. I had somehow gotten my husband to do one thing in the mean time wich was set up the fryer outside because this year i was frying my very first turkey!

All of the food was cooked and ready to eat EXCEPT the fried bird. i went to check the oil temp and it was somewhere in the 400's so knowing that it wasnt even supposed to reach 350 i quickly shut off the burner. Well when i put the turkey in at the right temp i had no idea how to light it again because my husband had left to get drinks. I called him, got the directions, but no one had a lighter! and with no propane i couldnt just light something on fire with the burner. Me and my mom ran back and forth with a little piece of paper that we had lit from the toaster for about 20 minutes and i finally found something to light the fire with. Just at the same moment Ryanne Willis my brothers girlfriend emerges with not one, but TWO lighters that she had! hmmm.. well Rye, bad timing! haha. We finally got the bird going good and steady when i went to pull it out i thought CRAP! i burned it because the skin was all blackened. I seriously thought that this had to be the WORST thanksgiving ever!!!

Earlier i had talked to my wise old grandma and told her all of the trouble i was having and she told me, "well any trials you have to work for will only make the outcome better." Well i love my grandma and she was right. we sliced into the black turkey to find the most juiciest plump perfectly cooked turkey i had never seen! it was delicious to the max! The whole dinner turned out to be very great. And the best part was that i had all of my family there to share it with. I am so thankful for Jesus Christ who was the ultimate example of humility and kindness and that even when he was being hung on the cross he showed forgivness to the men who beat him saying, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

I am thankful for his teaching by example because i know my thanksgiving would have been a lot less thankful and a lot lonlier had i not reconsiled with my mom.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Orange Gatorade is my favorite

So much is going on these days and i love it! i love being busy and i love seeing people! Just today i got my hair colored, which i love btw, and i went to my brother in-laws jr. high wrestling meet and made a delicious breakfast for dinner!

My baby son got his first tooth yesterday! Its just a little jagged bit of tooth popping out of his gum! I love it and am extatic that he is getting so big and growing up, yet it saddens my heart that my baby is turning into a boy! I am so looking forward to raising him and being able to teach him things, i just hope i can instill good morals and goals into him! i sure will try my best!

Mogollon is going to state! YAY! its super exciting for me and Braden this year because we each have brothers that are playing! not to mention they are two of the star players :) i SOOOOO hope they win and i have a good feeling that they will!

My dad is going to the state game this weekend and will finally meet his grandson! I am happy about it! i havent seen him the entire time i have been married which is now 1 year 3 months and 9 days. but whos counting?

whats new with you?

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Devil has blue eyes!

this is our little mans very first halloween! We dressed him up as a little devil and went around to the trunk or treats. He didnt really care for the costume, but he scored me and Braden some nice loot :)

his poor little face is all red from daddys facial hair