Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long time no blog

well its been a little while. yes i survived Braden being gone. he wasnt gone for as long as we thought it would be. we got to go to Heber and visit our family! yay it was sooo much fun and we love Arizona so much that we are trying to move back! so i have been stressed looking for apartments and what not trying to get things in order. if anyone knows where there are good apartments for a good price then contact us! i had my first bum experience on our way home from AZ. we rode back with Banning and had some vehicle complications . so there we were stranded in Rock point! at a mustang gas station/post office/laundry mat. haha. we had to wait for Dane to come from Heber to save us which took about 8 hours! or so it seemed. i got so cold trying to sleep in the truck that i drug my husband into the laundromat where we slept on the tables that are used to fold clothes on. haha. Braden was all "i know im not the first person to do this" haha. it was one heck of a time. a trip that normally takes only 8-10 hours took us 22 hours!! but yet again we survived!