Thursday, January 12, 2012

do i even know how to blog on this thing anymore?

I havent been on my blog in a really long time! its almost crazy to think it has been 6 whole months since i even posted a hello on here! (shame shame) Rhiot is now 19 months old and is starting to say full sentences! he is so dang smart! He is also now expecting a little brother! YUP i am 23 weeks pregnant with another little boy! between this new one, Rhiot, Braden and our MALE dog i am severly out numbered! Its a little scary to think of sometimes haha! im sure i will preservere! this pregnancy has been nothing like with Rhiot i was a lot sicker and have gained a lot less weight. i was a freakin chub with Rhiot! i am excited and very nervous to have two to take care of! i know it will be a big blessing and just as big a responsibility. We also just moved.... 100 yards down the road haha. anyway i will have to do some more catching up another time because its late.

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