Friday, June 24, 2011

Stephens Family News

It is a RARE moment that it just so happens that it is not only Rhiots nap time, but also Bradens too :) So with all of the VERY little posting i have been doing i get a free moment to myself to update my blog! yay!

Rhiot is:

almost 13 months! (so big boy!)
just popped his 8th tooth through!
has gone poop on the potty twice!
still nursing (adamant on not letting that go)
EVERYTHING goes in the floor vents or in the toilet :(
SUUUPPPEEER CUTE and even more so onry!

Braden is:

ALMOST 25! (October 21st)
working ALOT
Playing with Rhiot as much as he can
ready for another baby

Kiley is:

ALMOST 20! (July 15th)
constantly having to fish stuff out of the vents and toilet
chasing after my super cute but onry baby
always cooking up something licious
NOT ready for another baby
awaiting my 2 year aniversary!!! (August 1st)

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