Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home sweet home

Me and Braden have been so blessed in this journey of returning home to Arizona of course it hasnt been without struggle finding people to move into our place now and having to deal with our land lord, but through it all i have been one happy camper. We have found a place to move into back home and i am sooo excited! its a gorgeous home and the people are renting it to us for a steal! only 500 a month for this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house! I am sad to say that we will only be staying in it for 3 months, but i will be happy to call this place home for the 3 short months i will be living in it


  1. Kiley! Hey girl, im so glad you found my blog & now I get to see yours, so cute! :) What are you guys going to Pittsburgh for, are you doing the summer sells thing as well? If so, who are you going with? company?
    Where are you guys living in AZ, Heber? that is such a beautiful home you guys get to stay in!
    As for you my dear... you are absolutely GORGEOUS! seriously Kiley and being prego makes you even more adorable!
    Glad to see you guys are so happy! Let me know about the whole Pittsburgh deal, it would be nice to have a friend out there!
    Take care! <3

  2. Ok I swear that house is right next to mine. I was going to take a picture because it really looks exactly the same! I am so confused...we might be neighbors! I don't think it's it, but if it's not then there is a twin house!